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Kalamazoo SEO Services from The SEO Chick

Kalamazoo SEO is used to get your website to the top of the search engines and your phone ringing.  We work with the small guys to get the results they deserve.  And, we are happy to answer any and all questions you might have about Kalamazoo SEO.  We also have happy to assist in all of your website design needs in Kalamazoo as well.  The times have changed and people are not using phone books to find what they are looking for.  If they need a local service, they simply go to the computer and look for one.  This is important to note, as many local services are still buying yellow page ads.  And, they simply don’t need to.  Sure, the older generation may still be using them.  However, even that generation has a computer or a phone.

Kalamazoo SEO Services by The SEO Chick

Getting the most for your advertising dollars is important.  You need to keep in mind that you are wasting money on newspaper ads and yellow page ads as people just don’t go there anymore.  They are looking at the internet and websites.  And, if your website is already built we can fix it and move on with ranking it.  This isn’t an issue.  However, many website designers are not SEO experts.  And, the same goes with some SEO experts are not website designers.  In fact, our very own The SEO Chick is all about SEO and has people that design for her.  SEO is more of the Engineering brain, which she has a degree in Engineering so it makes sense.  All those numbers and analysis to see what moves the needle.

Kalamazoo Website Design from The SEO Chick

Kalamazoo website design from The SEO Chick is certainly something we can do as well.  We like to build our websites with what we call on page SEO. This will help it rank and keep it ranking for years to come.  Finding the right SEO Agency in Kalamazoo can be complicated.  Yes, we understand that not all SEO agencies are on the up and up.  This is why we offer a report that will show you exactly what is wrong with your website.  You can then go to your analytics or a few various free sites to keep track of our work. Or in some cases, we will allow you to share our screens and show you on the big guys tools.  We have various tools that can help tell us what keywords people are looking for and what we need to do to get ranked.

Kalamazoo SEO is to rank your website in the search engines.  If you are tired of paying out the nose for ads, this is the key.  However, if you are running ads and don’t have a great sales landing page, you may be getting charged without getting great leads.  We can help with that as well.  Getting great leads for your business is what we do.  We also offer lead generating services, this means we will build you a site and sell the leads to you or your competitor, whoever answers first.  Our leads are hot leads and not those that are sold to a bunch of people at the same time.  Get great leads from Kalamazoo SEO Services.