Coolsculpting Vs Vampire Facial – How Does Botox Fit Into It?

A few companies have been given the green light to market Botox and a few more are moving toward a more natural approach to anti-aging-based treatments. One of these companies is Coolsculpting.

Some of the information that came out after Botox was approved for general use, was that some people were allergic to the chemical. It was also supposed to only be used on the face. That also is true, but Coolsculpting is now working on removing fine lines from the sides of the nose.

Because they discovered that Botox can actually cause side effects, including post-surgical, inflammation and headache, they came up with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory called CTX. That is the drug that caused many to complain about the pain that comes with it.

Now, instead of putting Botox into the middle of the forehead, which is a way that the pill simply looks, Coolsculpting is offering laser surgery, which is less invasive. They are giving the patient a series of injections that will release the drug into the lymphatic system, allowing the lymph nodes to take care of the rest.

vampire facial

Hyperhidrosis is really not related to how the body is constructed. It is a normal condition and everyone gets a bit of it. It is most often caused by smoking or being overweight.

The area where the problem is apparent is the upper part of the back and this is because of what is called “leaky blood flow.” It is like a water leak.

If the body is always moving from one position to another, then this body movement gets backed up to the neck. The lymph vessels that are in the neck are likely to have trouble getting where they need to go. They may even burst, causing the reddening of the face.

Most people get Botox injections in the forehead and it’s easy to see why. In addition to the ease of application, there is the fact that Botox will give you a little bit of relief.

Botox does come with its problems. You cannot do it anywhere else, as there are certain body parts that it cannot be used on.

While Botox and Coolsculpting work very well together, it takes an important role in keeping the sides of the nose looking youthful. The new procedure will use CTX to control these pesky neck veins.

What seems to make the most sense to me is to start by using the fine lines and then work your way up to the vampire facial. I can understand wanting to continue to look young at the same time that you are removing these wrinkles from your face.

If you are considering Laser Surgery, remember that you need to talk to your doctor about other treatment options. You do not want to make any mistakes that could further increase your risk of scarring or infection.