The SEO Chick Grand Rapids

The SEO Chick is Grand Rapids go to for your next online project.  We offer a wonderful design selection that is sure to please as well as get you ranking in the search engines.  The idea is to get your ranking for more clients and phone calls to come in.  This is for organic as well as paid search engine traffic.  The SEO Chick is located just outside of town in the Gun Lake area, however, the overhead costs are low, which allows their prices to be very competitive.  Getting the right web design is critical in getting you more clients.  People don’t use phone books any longer, it’s all done online.  And, for that, you need an online specialist that can rank your website in the top of all the search engines.  

Looking for Grand Rapids SEO Services

Getting the Most from your Webdesign

Your website is telling your customers who you are.  Getting the most from your website design is important.  You want to have a clean and uniform look to it.  And, have it easy to get around in and most importantly have it user-friendly.  You want people to find your phone number, call you and be able to make an appointment without looking all over.  You want them to be able to find you and contact you, that simple.  

And, nothing more screams “I have no idea what I’m doing” like an outdated website.  This is your first impression on your customer, do you want to look great or just okay.  We want your site to look great and be found in the search engines.  There are many website designers out there, but that’s just the first step, they are going to see your website.  You need SEO for that.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It’s what helps the search engines know where to put you on their list.  And, we want that to be first!  Getting on the first page and first in the maps can help your website to get noticed.  Let us work with you and show you how we can go about doing this.  Most people will tell you it’s magic, we are here to tell you that it’s not impossible.   And, we have steps to take and nothing to hide.  As crazy as that sounds.  

Let’s get your site looking great and ranking great.  Do you know what happens next?  You will get all calls, hot leads and ready to get started type of calls.  These calls will go directly to you.  These are not sold to other people like some of the other sites, this is your site and you control it.