1. often massage your scalp
Massaging your scalp from time to time with lukewarm oil won’tsolely relieve you of stress however also willimprove blood circulation in your system. And associate improvement in blood circulation can cause stimulating the hair follicles. it’sconjointlya wonderful remedy for scalp infection and dandruff treatment. Almond oil, copra oil, and vegetable oilarea unitthe popular oils to massage your scalp. to maximize the result of the massage, you’ll conjointlycombine equal proportions of copra oil and sweet almond oil.

2. Egg wash
Eggs area unita chicsupply of macromoleculewhich is able tofacilitate keep your hair thick and robust. Whisk many eggs, produce a paste and rub it through your hair. Leave it on for many moments before you wash it out. this can beone in allthe bestways that to infuse your hair with macromolecule for healthier volume and shine.

3. Increase victuals intake
Vitamins aresensible for your hair with the exception of being healthy for overall well-being. whereasfat-soluble vitamin triggers healthy production of secretion in your scalp, E improves blood circulation in your system. B-complex vitaminbut, helps hair maintain its healthy color.

4. Avoid brushing wet hair
Your hair is in its weakest state onceit’s wet. thus if you sweep your hair onceit’s wet, you’re merely increasing the possibilities of hair fall. though if you wish to comb your wet hair, continually use a wide-toothed comb. it’sjudicious to avoid frequent brushing since it might injure your hair and increase the danger of hair loss. Don’t tug at your hair with the comb to undo tangles. Use your fingers instead and be mild.

5. Keep yourself hydrous
Another key issueto market healthy hair and forestall hair loss is adequate intake of liquideach cell in your body uses water to operate properly. uptake disorders likeeating disordermighteven be a tributaryissue to hair loss, with the exception of poor nutrition. eating disordermay be a condition that causes severe deficiency diseasehowever it conjointly causes a high proportion of hair follicles to prevent their growth cycle. another excuse for accelerated hair loss is speedy weight loss. Since a biological process imbalance will cause changes within thebody leading toredoubled hair loss.

6. Advantage of Antioxidants
Free radicals will cause ageing of skin cells, together withthose on the scalp. Antioxidants area unit leading defence mechanisms of the body against free radicals. Foods like bananas, avocados, orange, lemon and honeyare area unitpacked with antioxidants. These fruits will be applied to the hair and might be employed inthe shape of a brief wash. the assorted pulps in these fruits might boost the potential growth of your hair.

7. address natural remedies
These ancientstrategiesarea unitusuallythe foremost assured ways that of preventing hair loss. Religiously follow these techniques and you’ll see glowing results at intervals no time.

Black Pepper and dairy product paste

Mix many teaspoons of black pepper with many ounces of dairy product. Rub it into your hair sort of a regular shampoo. Rinse it out when5 minutes so wash your hair with a light shampoo.


Nutrients likeatomic number 19 and suredifferent enzymes facilitate promote hair growth and conjointlyforestalldandruff. And vinegar includes arange of such helpful nutrients. Dandruff is understood to clog within the hair follicles and also the pores, creating it troublesome for your hair to grow. Vinegar canfacilitate eliminate the dandruff in your hair, so enhancing its growth.

Garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice

Keep a stock of those juices for rubbing into your scalp nightly. Leave it long and wash it move into the morning. you’ll observe definite improvement at intervalsper week, if you observe this routine religiously.

Green tea

According to studies, rubbing tea leaf into your scalp couldfacilitate curb the hair fall drawback. Brew 2luggageof tea leafin a very cup of water, leave it to cool down for a jiffy before applying to your hair.

8. Maintain a healthy diet to stop hair fall
Your diet should comprise foods that may arrest hair fall and stimulate healthy scalp. uptakeadditional seeds and balmy (almonds and peanuts), inexperiencedleaflike vegetables and a spread of legumes can increase your metalmacromolecule and iron intake thatis important for guaranteeing healthy scalp. Improve hair nutrition with some basic dietary supplements. Amla juice and guavas area unita chicsupply of antioxidantguaranteeing a multivitamin pill diet that mixes beta-caretones, complicated|vitamin B complex|vitamin B|B vitamin|B|water-soluble vitamin} complex, Eand tiny amounts of metallic element and iron might behelpful for preventing hair fall.

9. Lead a healthy life style
Leading a stress-free life isn’t simplehowever stress hormones likeadrenaline and corticosteroid interfere together with your natural hair growth. thusyou would like to target relieving your body and mind of stress. Meditating, yoga and dealing out area unitmanyways that of managing stress. Excessive alcohol intake and smoking area unitdifferent habits that take a toll on your hair growth.