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Charlotte Tree Works is an established tree company that has been in business since 1970. “Charlotte Tree Work’s” slogan reflects the fact that our main focus is to provide you with exceptional service. “Chad Dornell, Owner/Operator,” states the company website.

This tree company has many branches, and most of them offer services in various parts of North Carolina including: Rockingham, Gastonia, Elizabeth City, Fayetteville, Bladen, Weaverville, Charlotte, Carrboro, Gaston, Raleigh, Orangeburg, High Point, New Bern, Charlotte and surrounding areas. “Trees work for us” says the company website.


The tree company is licensed to do tree work in North Carolina and Georgia. The company has a network of licensed tree workers and licensed tree technicians who have received training and are authorized by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to perform tree work. “We provide quality tree services to all of our customers. From the smallest seedling to a towering tree, we will take care of your tree problems,” says the Charlotte Tree Work website. “We also have experienced tree maintenance technicians who know exactly what to do with your trees.”

“We will keep the trees growing well and healthy and keep them looking good. Our technicians and plantings are licensed and bonded under the North Carolina Department of Health,” continues the website. We strive to be a first class company by providing quality services at affordable rates,” says the company website.

Charlotte Tree Works

Charlotte Tree Works has several locations; all of which are fully equipped and staffed to accept tree felling. They offer an array of services for all budgets, including tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming and planting, tree planting and tree care and tree pruning. The Charlotte Tree Works tree removal department specializes in residential and commercial tree removal, as well as tree trimming and tree care for trees in commercial properties.

“Our tree removal team is trained to handle a variety of tree jobs,” says the website. We have tree removal companies who specialize in residential and commercial tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming and planting, tree planting, and tree care, tree pruning and tree care, as well as tree maintenance in commercial properties.

The Charlotte Tree Works tree cutting team provides tree removal and stump removal services. “All our team members are highly trained tree technicians,” says the website. “We offer quality customer care and professional training for all of our employees. Our tree care specialists have a wealth of knowledge about the types of trees, how they are growing and what makes them susceptible to disease and damage.

Trees play an important role in the environment and they need to be cared for. When you have a tree at home, whether it is a large tree or a small tree that is causing a problem, you can rest assured that we will work with you to keep them looking their best. Our tree services can be reached by calling or emailing our Charlotte Tree Works team. You can also contact us via phone, and we will provide a free estimate and quote.

Our tree removal team offers the following services: tree trimming, tree planting, and tree care. Tree pruning and tree care are two of the most important components of tree removal. We have professionals who specialize in tree pruning and tree care for trees in commercial properties and residential properties. In Charlotte Tree Works, we offer services to help with tree care and tree pruning, and tree maintenance, as well as tree removal.

One of the best methods to save money on your tree services is to hire a company that offers both. tree removal and tree trimming. to save you money in the long run. Saving money is one of the main goals of your tree removal or tree care.

If you would like to make sure that your trees are healthy, our tree services can give you that service as well. Whether your tree is old or young, we can give you a hand by providing a free estimate.

Our tree services can be reached by visiting the Charlotte Tree Works website. We are available seven days a week from eight am to four pm, seven days a week.